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Sundown Town - entered Naperville The first time that Alana...

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Alana’s Story Over the weekend I talked to a black woman that my mother works with.  Her  name is Alana.  I asked her if she had ever heard of sundown towns.  Alana had indeed  heard of these racist towns, and she told me her story.  She told me about many incidents  that she was faced with as a child while living approximately six miles from Naperville,  Illinois, which was a sundown town.   Alana grew up in a poor family.  She lived in a small house, just down the road  from a town that she feared.  Alana avoided entering the town as much as possible, but it  was not always feasible.  Since Naperville was the closest town with a grocery store, she  and her family were oftentimes forced to enter the town to buy necessary items.   Alana explained to me how she and her family were tormented as soon as they 
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Unformatted text preview: entered Naperville. The first time that Alana can recollect hearing the “n word” was at age four. Although she did not understand what it meant, she knew it was not a compliment because of her parents’ reactions. She said her mom always cried, and her dad just looked away without saying a word. When Alana was finally old enough to comprehend the vulgar language and hate of the people from Naperville, she convinced her parents to move. She and her family packed their bags and moved to a small town in Indiana when Alana was ten-years-old. Alana has since lived in Columbus, Indiana, where people did not judge her for the color of her skin....
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