Ethical Dilemma - _ Ethical Dilemma: You are a public...

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_____________________________________________________________________________ _ Ethical Dilemma: You are a public relations practitioner at a large company. Your company has a firm policy regarding theft of company property. Used company equipment is on a table to be auctioned off the next week. You see a valued employee who is three months from retirement slip an electric drill from the table and put it in his car before the day of the sale. You know the employee did not purchase the drill, and he had no intention on paying for it. The head of the department that is auctioning the items notices that the drill is missing. He reports it to his supervisor, and all employees are being questioned. If this employee gets fired, you know that he will lose all of his retirement benefits. What do you do? _____________________________________________________________________________ _ While there are both internal and external factors present in this situation, most of the factors are internal. The company has a strict policy regarding theft, and I feel I need to uphold to the standards. Other employees may see someone get away with stealing and not say anything, but is that truly the right thing to do? If no one was identified in this case, other employees may feel they could get away with internal theft, as well. On another note, the company would be giving retirement benefits to a man that has crossed not only the company’s
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Ethical Dilemma - _ Ethical Dilemma: You are a public...

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