Chem3AL-Lab6 - Chromatography(TLC TLCplates##84...

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Identification of an Adulterated Herb or Spice by Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) TLC plates #4-5 were used to identify the adulterant in the impure sample #84. Plate #4 was spotted with the three pure samples, #81-83, and the unknown mixture #84. After developing this plate, it was apparent that sample #84 consisted partly of sample #81 (the Rf values of the major spots matched closely and both were visualized exclusively by UV light) and an unknown compound that did not exist in any of our samples. The unknown compound had a much lower Rf value than the major spot and could be visualized by DNPH as well as by UV light. We compared our Rf values and visualization properties to those of our classmates and found that sample #821 matched closely to this unknown compound. We ran our samples #81 and #84 with sample #821 on plate #5 and developed it. Along with the close similarity between the major spots of #81 and #84, the Rf values and visualization properties (UV and DNPH) of the unknown compound in #84 and the
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Chem3AL-Lab6 - Chromatography(TLC TLCplates##84...

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