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Gregg Irving 02-12-07 EPS 50 Climate Change Lab Report Introduction: Climate change could possibly be the biggest concern facing the planet today. Average temperature increase, rising sea levels, and increased radiation from the sun are a few of the side effects of this phenomenon. These changes are spread globally and affect nearly every organism on the planet. Therefore, it is crucial to do our part in reversing the trends of climate change by analyzing the problem and using these new understandings to reform our lifestyles. Of course, there would be nothing to analyze without solid data ranging a sufficient period of time. The data in the lab is from the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, which records data in a water-vapor-free environment isolated in the Pacific Ocean. With good records of temperature and CO2 concentrations such as these, it makes it easier to see the trends of climate change and leads to discovering the causes of this occurrence. Methods / Procedure / Materials: The charts and graphs given in the lab are crucial to understanding the information accumulated at the Mauna Loa Observatory. The chart of greenhouse gases (GHGs) gives pre-industrial and modern day concentrations of numerous atmospheric gases. Studying the information other than concentration, such as global warming potential (GWP) and atmospheric lifetime, is also crucial to the importance of this chart.
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ClimateChangeLab - GreggIrving 021207 EPS50 Introduction...

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