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Gregg Irving Italian Studies 30 First Paper Assignment 2/18/07 The Inferno : Dante’s Denouncement of Partisanship In canto 15 of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno , Dante-pilgrim encounters the damned soul of a fellow Florentine man. Brunetto Latini was older than Dante in life, but was a member of the same political party, the White Guelfs, while alive. Dante encounters Brunetto in the third sub-circle, reserved for those who are “violent” against God, of the seventh circle of Hell. Dante seems slightly unnerved that he located a familiar face in this region of Hell but is still glad to converse with Brunetto. This interaction, much warmer than the previous encounters on Dante’s journey, is indeed unique, and I feel that Dante-poet uses it to portray one of the main points of The Commedia : the denouncement of partisanship in politics. First, by displaying his interactions with members of rival Florentine political parties, Farinata degli Uberti of the Ghibellines in canto 10 and Brunetto in canto 15,
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DantePaper#1 - GreggIrving ItalianStudies30...

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