Charles Manson Research Paper Proposal

Charles Manson Research Paper Proposal - A Research...

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A Research Proposal: Media and the Manson Murders General Framework The most shocking and compelling mysteries our society has ever seen have been left at the end of a bloody murder trail. These mysteries range from complete befuddlement of motive, like the case of the Zodiac killer, to a total shroud of mystery around the identity of the murderer, such as Jack the Ripper. It is oftentimes a combination of these ideas and other unexplained events that leave unanswered questions. When any of these elements go missing in a murder case, there are always more questions than answers. Since I was a young child I have enjoyed watching television shows about criminal activity and law. My parents always asked me why I was so fascinated with learning about serial murderers and other criminals, but I have never really known how to explain it. I suppose you could say that the excitement and horror of crimes just captivates my attention. Watching crime television shows has always been one of my favorite past times. Starting at age nine, I would wait until my parents went to bed and then I would stay up late to watch episodes of my favorite crime series. Almost nothing could keep me away from these entertaining shows. Since the first time I saw a documentary on Charles Manson and his family I have been
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Charles Manson Research Paper Proposal - A Research...

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