01Review - institution believes constitutes ethical...

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Chapter 1 Review SMART Public Relations S ocietal value and meaning M utually beneficial relationships A dvantages through objectives R hetorical strategies T actics Characteristics of a Mutually Beneficial Relationship Openness, Trust, Cooperation, Alignment of interests, rewards, and goals, Compatible views/opinions, Commitment Public Relations Defined: Public relations is the management function that entails planning, research, publicity, promotion, and collaborative decision making to help any organization’s ability to listen to, appreciate, and respond appropriately to those persons and groups whose mutually beneficial relationships the organization needs to foster as it strives to achieve its mission and vision. Five Functions of Public Relations: Strategic Planning, Research, Collaborative Decision making, Publicity, and Promotion Publics: Groups of individuals who have a stake in the outcome of issues. Four Principles of Social Responsibility: 1) know what each key individual, group, or
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Unformatted text preview: institution believes constitutes ethical behavior; 2) listen to what other members of society have to say; 3) ensure that public relations uses two-way communication; and 4) build community through shared meaning Marketing: Creating and positioning products or services Advertising: Creating and paying to place informative and persuasive messages How Organizations Use Public Relations: Organizations want favorable attention and work to reduce criticism Organizations need good working relationships with publics, especially with the media Organizations want to survive crises Organizations strive to form and/or persuade people and to shape their behavior When Organizations Use Public Relations: Organizations need revenue Organizations demonstrate how their interests align with those of citizens and customers Organizations want to reduce costs that result from unproductive conflict Organizations want to understand their markets, audiences, publics (MAPs)...
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01Review - institution believes constitutes ethical...

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