10Review - Chapter 10 Review Issue: a contestable...

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Chapter 10 Review Issue: a contestable difference of opinion, a matter of fact, evaluation, or policy that is important to the parties concerned. An issues-management view of public relations: the management of organizational and community resources through the public policy process to advance organizational interests and rights by striking a mutual balance with stakeholders and stakeseekers. Two challenges of organizations to succeed: reduce cost, maximize income. Public policy: public because it is policy changed or imposed through government—the public sector. Issues of fact: result from differences of opinion about specific facts or their interpretations. Issues of value: highly subjective, contest the ways in which parties evaluate an issue. Issues management is strategic because it seeks to reduce the legitimacy gap. Issues manifest themselves as narratives , which provide a set of strategic responses that organizations use in policy battles. Strategic Response Choices The organization can create and implement a strategic plan that results in operations that are supported rather than opposed by its publics. The organization can argue (inform and persuade) publics and audiences that its actions are not as bad as believed. The organization can argue that the expectations of the publics and
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10Review - Chapter 10 Review Issue: a contestable...

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