06Review - publics react to an organization’s messages...

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Chapter 6 Review The strategic process: 1) understand the dynamics of the relationship; 2) think in terms of message development objectives; 3) select and use appropriate public relations tools. Message points: some fact or opinion about a product or service that a practitioner wants a customer to remember. Concurrence model: uses a series of questions to determine the agreement or disagreement between an organization and relevant stakeholders/stakeseekers in the specific rhetorical problem. Messages accomplish the following: Use widely accepted premises Defend premises Advocate new premises Champion or challenge public policies Enlist supporters to act on specific policies and recommendations Narratives: messages based on common stories. Identification: creation of a persona that links stakeholders to the organization. Persona: the character of an organization revealed in actions and words. Affects how key
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Unformatted text preview: publics react to an organization’s messages, actions, policies; the roles an organization takes on. Four concepts vital to personae: • Differentiation results when products, services, issue discussions, operations, policy positions, mission, and marketing strategies (including fund raising) make an organization unique—different from other organizations. • Associations result from the attributes that result from the actions, values, and traits that typify the company or group—such as being pro-environmental. • Identity is the archetype that characterizes the organization—bold advocate, technical expert, wise advisor, defender of the environment, or protector of abused women. • Goodwill results when policies and actions taken by the organization benefit others and advance community interests: those of stakeseekers and stakeholders....
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06Review - publics react to an organization’s messages...

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