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Chapter 7 Review Relevance of Evaluation Communicates the value and meaning that advance organizational and public interest. Assesses the quality of relationships between organization and stakeholders/stakeseekers. Provides evidence that objectives have been accomplished. Proves that public relations makes a difference for an organization. Process evaluation: monitors what you do during a public relations effort. Outcome evaluation: a true assessment of public relations efforts to accomplish organizational goals and objectives.
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Unformatted text preview: Why public relations succeeds or fails: loss of institutional memory, poor documentation, selective memory. Why some organizations fail to evaluate: lack of proper training, budgets lack funds, not enough time. Evaluation tied to goals and objectives: counting output (column inches, articles, etc.); measuring attitude and knowledge (presurveys and postsurveys); measuring behavioral change (ticket sales or other purchases, self-report data, etc.)....
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