Smoking Speech Outline - Specific Purpose After my speech...

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Specific Purpose:   After my speech, my audience will understand the reasons why college  campuses should be smoke-free.    Organizational Pattern:   Topical Intended Audience:   Communication 101 Classmates Introduction I. Attention Getting Device:   How many of you came to college to better  yourselves? [Classmate’s name], what did you hope to gain when you came to  Indiana State this year?  Well, what if I told you that by coming to this university  you are actually unconsciously damaging your body?  What if I told you that you  are slowly dying simply because you are attending a university that permits  smoking on its campus?    Believe it or not, it’s true.  All of you have been put at  risk by coming to Indiana State University. II. Orientation Phase: A. Point:       Today, I want to inform you about why Indiana State should become a  tobacco-free campus.   B. Adaptation:       Through my research, I have found many reasons why college  campuses should be smoke-free. C. Enumerated Preview:       First of all, since society’s tolerance for smoking has  changed, policies should change, as well.  Secondly, a tobacco-free campus will  help create a safe and healthy environment where all people can work, study, and  live comfortably.  And most importantly, it will save people’s lives. Transition:   All of these concepts are important to keep in mind when forming your opinion  about this issue. By the end of my speech, I hope you will decide to take a stand to help make  Indiana State a smoke-free campus. Body
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This note was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course COMM 101 taught by Professor Steele during the Spring '08 term at Indiana State University .

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Smoking Speech Outline - Specific Purpose After my speech...

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