Charles Manson Context Paper

Charles Manson Context Paper - The Year 1969 in a Nut Shell...

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The Year 1969 in a Nut Shell During the year of 1969, many impactful events led to the changing of society. The first successful expedition to the moon, the Woodstock Music Festival, and the outburst of Vietnam War protests are just a few of the unforgettable events of this year (“1969”). Throughout the 1960s, younger generations began to rebel against the conservative norms of the time. This created a counter-culture in society that eventually turned into a social revolution throughout the world. With changes such as these, society became chaotic and the “Manson Family” reacted hostel to the social climate of 1969. As for Charles Manson, his past leading up to the assembly of the “Manson Family” is one of wicked turns and tribulations (“Charles Manson”). Manson was born into a less than a structured home and lifestyle. Manson’s mother was a sixteen-year-old drunk that committed petty crimes on a regular basis (O’Hehir 55). Often times during his mother’s crime runs, he would stay with his religiously strict aunt. In the 1960s, religion was much more involved than it is today. People would do anything for their religion, even if it meant killing other human beings. In reality, Manson’s aunt more than likely aided in his future of being a religious cult leader (“Destructive”). Once his mother was arrested on a more long-term basis, Manson was
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Charles Manson Context Paper - The Year 1969 in a Nut Shell...

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