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Personal Code of Ethics 1. I shall conduct my professional life according to the interest of the public. 2. I shall always illustrate high standards of honesty and integrity. 3. I shall deal fairly with the public, with past or present clients or employers and with fellow practitioners. 4. I shall, not knowingly, disseminate false or misleading information and shall act promptly to correct incorrect communications if made. 5. I shall not guarantee the achievement of specified results beyond my direct control. 6. I shall not represent conflicting or contending interests without the express consent of those concerned, given after a full disclosure of all of the facts. 7. I shall not place myself in a position where my personal interest is, or may be in conflict with, an
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Unformatted text preview: obligation to an employer or client, or others, without full disclosure of such interests to all involved parties. 8. I shall not accept fees, commissions, gifts or any other consideration from anyone except clients or employers for whom services are performed without their express consent, given after a full disclosure of all of the facts. 9. I shall carefully uphold the confidences and privacy rights of present, former, and prospective clients or employers. 10. I shall not intentionally damage the professional reputation or practice of another practitioner....
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