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Exam 2 Prep - REVIEW 495-497[chapter 11 Multiple Choice 8...

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* may need extensive review 5 problems (1 from each chapter 7-11) 1) (pg.314 in book) build Cash budget, COMPUTE ending cash balance based on 1 st three months. REVIEW 310-314, and e-13 [chapter 7] *2) given 2 investment centers (departments of s business), provided operating income, assets invested, income taxes, cost of capital in dollars, and desired ROI. COMPUTE return on investment, residual income, and E conomic V alue A dded. [chapter 8] se-7,8,9, and exhibit 4 & 5. *3) Info on golf club manufacture:. Given cost quality and time standards, direct materials, labor, overhead (var. and fixed), process info. COMPUTE the standard cost per driver. REVIEW e-3[chapter 9] 396-400 *especially 399-400 4) Incremental Analysis on make or buy decision . REVIEW 451 (exhibit 2) [chapter 10] 5) given variable production cost, fixed overhead, selling, gen, admin. Expenses, expected demand of product… COMPUTE project unit cost and pricing by gross margin stuff (look at P1).
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Unformatted text preview: REVIEW 495-497 [chapter 11] Multiple Choice 8 chpt7 8 chpt8 5 chpt9 10 chpt10 9 chpt11 KNOW: • • Participative budgeting • Dif. Between master, flexible, capital budget • What financial budgets include (dif. Budgets) • Order budgets are created in (298-300) • Know balanced scorecard • Who balanced scorecard was developed by • Various perspectives of balanced scorecard (348-350) • Standard costing system • What standard cost system is used for and why • • Sunk cost, opportunity cost, relevant and irrelevant cost – terms pertaining to incremental analysis… • Know dif. of the above stated costs… • Incremental cost • Use incremental analysis in special order decisions • Pricing objectives • Pricing methods (time and materials, gross profit, return on assets)...
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