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Communications in Society - Communications in Society...

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Unformatted text preview: Communications in Society August 26, 2008 Convergence: Where old and new media collide We are currently living in the age of media convergence In the future, there will be one unit in which all media is combined, a computer type device that will grant access to all types of media, internet, TV, music, movies, etc. For example: The iPhone: one device that reports multiple types of media. Internet impact on society: There are different “platforms” of media: • Print Platform • Print and Broadcast Platform • Internet Platform Internet changed the way we talk, we learned a new language that is specific to text and emails, we invented this new language (the language of LOL and OMG) because media made it necessary. August 28, 2008 Media and Culture Culture: A set of values and shared beliefs Media constantly negotiates those values, often in hidden ways, for example, the movie Dark Knight is about more than just batman and the joker, it is about our strategy in Iraq and how we feel about our actions in Iraq etc. Cultural Imperialism/ Cultural Hegemony (or dominance) • US exports more media than it imports o Good for us, we dominate the media scene o Good for them, most other countries find it’s cheaper to purchase our movies than to try to create their own with their low budget and resources o Sometimes bad for them however, because our media is more influential to their people than their own media. o Some countries have put a limit on how many American movies can be imported, to ensure that American culture does not over power their own. • Conan running for President of Finland o Conan indorsed this woman running for President, merely because they look alike o Due to his endorsement, including TV commercials in Finnish, she won the Presidency by a 75% margin o Negative impact, because he doesn’t necessarily understand her policies, and could be supporting something that is bad for the Finnish people How does this happen? Basic Model of Communication: Messages are encoded by sender and decoded by receiver. (See chart on page 7) Feedback: According to the book it is delayed and delivered through a different channel than the message was sent through. However, according to Dr. Shaw, a new version of feedback can be on the same medium, for example, live newscasts often take emails from viewers and read them on air, the feedback is sent through the same medium and is almost instantaneous. Another example of feedback that has evolved over the year is Nelson Ratings, you used to have to wait for weeks to learn how many viewers viewed a show or a football game on TV, but now there is a program that tells you instantly how many viewers you have watching a show at one time. There is even a way of knowing what TV commercial was rewound and rewatched the most during the Superbowl....
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Communications in Society - Communications in Society...

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