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Reflection Paper 1 Anthony Campbell “For the Love of Reason” 2-11-08 There is little, if anything, with Antony’s arguments that I have an objection with. Indeed, they are valid, although perhaps not always sound. I have more objections with her conclusions based on unsound premises. It saddens my heart that it was her own paradoxical religious upbringing that prompted her to ultimately reject the existence of God. One particular conclusion with which I have an objection is that her “inquisitiveness was sinful.” This idea of hers stemmed from her childhood conception that faith must be unquestioned. The argument is more or less as follows: sinfulness separates us from God; if I inquire, I separate myself from God; therefore, inquiry is sinful. This is a misconception spawned from years of her being told she thought to much, from years of religious authority figures in her life dismissing her questions as offensive. This was at odds with what she learned in secular contexts: to think for yourself, to
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