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Psalm for Our Time In comparison to psalm 137, the Sublime song “Rivers of Babylon” isn’t as powerful and touching, but I do believe there are some parts of it that do have meaning in them. When it talks about “The words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts,” my first reaction is worship sharing and quakerism. The fact that the setting is down by a river can mean quite a variety of things in many aspects of the song. It lets you explore your own meaning and interpreting of what is going on when he sits there, weeping, down by the river. This song is a psalm for our time by hinting at the fact that when you’re lamenting about something, you should escape your urban house in the middle of the city, and go to a
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Unformatted text preview: natural setting where you can reflect on what’s going on. It’s moral is basically get out of your chaotic lifestyle and sit down by the river where you can hear the water rushing and the birds chirping, instead of honking horns from angry drivers, which only leads to headaches. Don’t let your lifestyle become so intense and repetitive that it consumes you in a way that you can’t escape and be in peace and worship, or even just rest and realize that you can escape from all your priorities, even if it’s for a second or two. The way the song is played is relaxed and positive, unlike many of Sublime’s songs, which are fast-paced, and wild....
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