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Unformatted text preview: Isabella Bailey ENC1101 Moorhead 3 April 2008 “Arm Wrestling with my Father” – Brad Manning M1. “Words were physical” means that Manning had a physical bond with his father. They did not have to speak to get their feelings across, that in their arm wrestling and sports practices they understood each other well enough. M2. Father and son learned that it was okay to love one another and to be able to show compassion for one another is okay. They always knew that they cared and loved each other but now they both knew that showing it was an acceptable thing. WS3. The fishing analogy states that because something is so sacred and amazing, to prove it wrong would ruin the story. To catch the “uncatchable” fish, sure would be great but it would do nothing but kill a legend. The same thing as referring to Manning’s father, to beat him would be great because that’s all he would ever want to do, but to let his father win like his father had always been able to do before would be sparing the man’s feelings and keeping the strength and the infallibility of his father alive for a bit...
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