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POF Outline - Speech IV: Proposition of Fact Outline Mark X...

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Speech IV: Proposition of Fact Outline Mark X August 6 th , 2007 Should Congress fund a new, independent investigation into the September 11 th attack? I.Introduction a. Attention Gaining Story Pretty much every day, I witness a sexual abuse crime, the arrest of the criminal, then the interrogation and trial of said individual usually with more than one obstacle which is cleverly circumvented to obtain a conviction all in about one hours time. This is because, like so many of you, I tune into Law & Order: SVU at least once every day. Unfortunately, the real world isn’t so glamorous or fast paced. Grueling detective work as well as legal motions go into the successful apprehension and conviction of such violent offenders. Sometimes, a break doesn’t come about for years or courts are so backed up that some cases get pushed aside. This is why it is imperative to abolish the statutes of limitations in sexual based crimes. b. POF and Preview of main points 1. Thesis: New advances in the fields of science and medicine are enough hard evidence to eradicate the statutes of limitations in crimes of sexual abuse. 2. Preview of Main Points: I will focus my attention on three issues- the validity of DNA matching, the issue of repressed memory, and the current reasoning behind getting rid of the statues of limitation. Transition: In the last few years, DNA evidence has started to play a big part in many nations' criminal justice systems. II. Body A. Unless you have an identical twin, your DNA is unique to you. This is what makes DNA evidence so valuable in investigations -- it's almost impossible for someone else to have DNA that is identical to yours. The key to DNA evidence lies in comparing the DNA from the scene of a crime with a suspect's DNA. To do this, investigators have to do three things: 1. Collect DNA at the crime scene and from the suspect 2. Analyze the DNA to create a DNA profile 3. Compare the profiles to each other Authorities can extract DNA from almost any tissue, including
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hair, fingernails, bones, teeth and bodily fluids. Sometimes, investigators have DNA evidence but no suspects. In
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POF Outline - Speech IV: Proposition of Fact Outline Mark X...

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