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advertising midterm - Introduction to Advertising Fall 2007...

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Introduction to Advertising Fall 2007 Midterm Exam Name: Elizabeth Furlong 1.) In Chapter 3, we discussed a number of arguments and defenses regarding advertising. Please select one argument/defense combination and discuss each position in detail and with your own words. Also, select a side and provide at least two current examples to support your argument. (15 points) There is a debate among the presence of monopolies in the Advertising world. Some argue that advertising promotes competition and lowers the cost of providing information to consumers and distributing goods. This is the upside of companies which are considered monopolies to advertise. However, Heavy advertising of well known, large brands, have been accused of making consumers less likely to try new brands, therefore raising the cost and potential for success of entering newcomers. In my opinion, with our supposed “laissez faire” government, All companied should have the right to promote their products to the best of their ability. If there products are the best, then consumers will buy them. For example, Microsoft is a very efficient way of accessing the internet, consumers have every right to be able to use this software as it is reasonable in price as well. In addition, these large companies employ thousands of American therefore helping our economy. If companies such as Wal-mart did not exist, millions of people would be out of jobs. 2.) In the very beginning of the semester, you were shown 12 different types of ads (according to a representative at Leo Burnett). Please pick 7 different types of ads and define them in your own words. In addition to providing an example (not ones showcased on the internet), please provide an opinion on why these “types” are important to the industry. What benefits or problems may they cause in the industry? (20 points) Niche Marketing is the practice of focusing on as a narrowly defined group of potential customers, for example certain businesses may need certain products to operate which are not available by mainstream vendors. This is an important practice because every business has many elements which are necessary for it to operate. For example, in a restaurant, who makes the cash registers or the industrial sized ovens? The businesses which make these also need to survive.
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Sales promotions are a very common form of advertising. These usually include a price deal or temporary reduction in price. Practically everywhere you go, promotions are going on.
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