Criminal Justice Review 3

Criminal Justice Review 3 - 1 Overloaded court dockets are...

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1. Overloaded court dockets are said to give rise to Assembly Line Justice 2. There are approximately 2,000 courts of general jurisdiction in the u.s. 3. When the Supreme Court decides to hear a case, it grants a Writ of Certiorari 4. How long do Supreme Court justices serve? Lifetime 5. At which levels might you find a sitting judge without a law degree? Municipal or Town Court 6. What is the principal factor behind the use of alternatives to traditional judge? Increased Judicial Caseloads 7. In most states, who is responsible for diverse tasks such as court records management and budget preparation? Administration 8. Which of the following legal principles is applied by the appellate court when it reviews an allegation of prosecutor misconduct? 9. Duties of a prosecutor Enforcing the law, representing the government, maintaining proper standards of conduct as an attorney and court officer, developing programs and legislation for law and criminal justice reform, and being a public spokesperson for the field of law. 10. The term community prosecution refers to A prosecutorial philosophy t hat emphasizes community support and cooperation with other agencies in preventing crime as well as a less centralized and more proactive role for local prosecutors. 11. the most common reason cases are rejected by prosecutors Insufficient evidence 12. The decision to prosecute based on the attitude of the victim is a result of CASE factors 13. Deciding to deal with the accused without going through the full criminal process is known as
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Criminal Justice Review 3 - 1 Overloaded court dockets are...

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