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Kavitha Duvoor CM 2182 Modern China [Sct.2] Essay 1 The Man Awakened from Dreams Throughout the 20 th century, China went through major changes in their social, economic, and political lifestyle. Pre-modernized China followed the strict rules of Confucianism. In the novel The Man Awakened from Dreams by: Henrietta Harrison, Liu Dapeng is a typical lower- middle class villager from the Shanxi province, living in the Chiqiao village. He was born into a Confucius family, where he dedicated his entire life to these beliefs. In Liu’s second autobiographical essay, Liu considers himself “A Man Awakened from Dreams”. This ideal came about during a dream he had between himself and an old man in which he was asking the man to teach him to be a sage. The old man’s reply was to simply be respectful and sincere. When Liu heard that, and thought back on his dream, he himself felt that “there is no greater fault than failing to be sincere and respectful because it causes so much damage.” 1 Ever since then, he vowed to be true to his Confucius values, and never defer from them. In Chiqiao, many of the villagers worked in the paper industry or on the farm. Not many were national degree holders, but Liu was determined to pass all three exams. In 1878 Liu passed his county examinations, and then enrolled in the Chiangxiu Academy where Confucius studies were incorporated with practical learning. As a student Liu studied hard all the way, and was very dedicated to his studies. He was different from the other kids and didn’t get along with them very well for he felt that they didn’t study for the heart of a Confucius lifestyle, but just to pass the exam. In 1894, Liu passed his provincial exam and became a second degree holder. This already was a vast achievement because neither his father nor most of the village had a
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degree that high. Unfortunately, through all of his schooling, and genuine dedication to Confucianism, he did not pass the national exam after taking it three times. Between studying for his third exam, Liu became a private tutor, where he taught students
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essay 1 - Kavitha Duvoor CM 2182 Modern China [Sct.2] Essay...

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