hw3 - Around the early 1900s it changed its stature to a...

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Kavitha Duvoor Modern China – Section 2 CM 2182 Homework 3: List three competing political groups in China between 1911 and 1924 and summarize each of their political agenda 1) Sun Yat-sen : For about the next 25 years Sun Yat-sen’s main political agenda was to override the power in Peking, China and to create a solid union between the north and the south. Of course, in order to do this, Sun needed financial aid. In the past this was very easy for Sun to do, but this time the United States didn’t want anything to do with Sun (because they considered it a rebellion). However, along with this he also barely had many supporters. 2) Soviet Advisors : At the time, it was the Soviet Union that put together the base in Canton. At first the Soviets agenda with the base was territorial, where it would provide military need to the North.
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Unformatted text preview: Around the early 1900s it changed its stature to a revolutionary base and attempted to spark communism in China. Many of these Soviet advisors where indeed agents of the Communist International. 3) Canton Revolutionary Base : The main leader to the Canton Revolutionary Base was Chen Jiongming. Chen and Sun-Yatsen clashed because they didnt want to support Sun-Yatsen trying to regain power of the North. Instead, Chen Jiongming was interested in turning Guangdong into a model province and later mold it into many federal structures. Because of his clashes with Sun-Yatsen, he was able to exile him from China in 1922....
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hw3 - Around the early 1900s it changed its stature to a...

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