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hw2 - There he promised them secure foreign loans with low...

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Kavitha Duvoor CM 2182 Modern China- section 2 Homework 2: Week 3 Summarize the political situation in China in the first decade after the collapse of the Qing Empire in 1911 (due Monday, October 17) After the successful occurrence of The Wuchang Uprising in October 10, 1911, the Qing Empire finally collapsed. At the time, Sun Yat-sen was in the United States running his own errands. Once he heard what had happened, instead of returning back to China, he instead went to London to meet with his friend Homer Lea. Their he asked for financial support yet again from the British. Unfortunately, he was rejected due to the fact that he backstabbed them before in the past, and the British felt they should not be involved with Sun Yat-sen’s affairs with China because they already have ports set up in Hong Kong. After this disappointment in Europe, Sun Yat-sen and Homer Lea simmered back to China where he was welcomed as a hero with open arms in Hong Kong.
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Unformatted text preview: There he promised them secure foreign loans with low rates. When he arrived in Shanghai, WuTing Fang and William Donald were there to welcome him where Sun promised them a republic. On January 1 st , 1912 Sun was elected president of the Chinese republic. One of the main reasons for Sun being elected president was the fact that he was resourceful in the many foreign affiliations he had around the world. Unfortunately, Sun was only president for 45 days. He was president long enough to accomplish the union between the North and the South (although that task was already in process before he became president). Although Sun resigned his presidency to allow Yuan Shikai to be president, Sun Yat-sen still learned a lot about the republic and was content with the fact that his dream of seeing a Chinese republic was fulfilled....
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