Midterm Test 1 with Solutions

Midterm Test 1 with Solutions - UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO...

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UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS PHYSICS 115 - OKTOBERTEST - FALL 2003 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22 2003, 7.00 to 9.00 pm Aids Permitted: Calculator and attached PI IS Formula Sheet. Name: (Print) Signature: .D. #: Division Professor: IMPORTANT INSTRUCIIONS- READ CAREFULLY to AVOID PENALTY Mark your answer sheet in dark lead PENCIL only. Avoid erasures by checking answers before marking them. Mark your ill Number and Division number in the space provided. Also (TIllS IS IMPORTANT) fill in the correct ovals for your II? Number and Division (e.g. Div 6 is 006, Div 3 is 003, etc.). Do not mark "card number" column in the answer field. Your last answer should be in column 12. NOTE: (KEEP COMPUTER SHEET FACE DOWN WHEN NOT IN USE) 2. Print name, etc., in the upper right part of the computer sheet. 3: Use the space available in this booklet for your solutions (under the question, or back of previous page). Fill in your name etc. above. HAND IN BOrn COMPUTER SHEET AND THIS BOOKLET. Booklets will be returned later. 4. Check that this booklet has 12 questions. All questions are of equal value, so don't get hung up and miss the easy ones. s. There is no penalty for selecting an incorrect answer. HOWEVER, your work on the exam paper should support the answer that you give on the exam card aud you should mark your choice here as well. In this way, if you accidentally choose the wrong answer on the card, we will be able to see this in your rough work. Credit may not be given for answers without proper proof. 6. Ask a proctor to clarify a question if you think that is necessary. A~surneany data given is accurate to as many.figures as needed. Ignore any round-off errors and pick the closest answer. Ignore air resistance. Good Luck; Remember g = 9.8 11)/;. Circle Your Division F. Mansour (Chern) S. pamaskinos F. Mansour (Civil) J. Vanderkooy (Cornp 4 stream) J. Vanderkooy (Cornp 8 stream) C. O'Donovan (Elec. . R: Jayasundera (Mech. 8 stream) R. Jayasundera (Mech. 4 stream) C. O'Donovan (software)
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PIIS Midterm Test Page 2 of 9 A small toy gun angled at 50. from horizontal fires a marble. It i.s used to shoot at a toy soldier that is 2.0 m away and 1.0 m higher than the gun. Find the initial speed of the marble in mls. . '110 . ~ I
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course PHYS 115 taught by Professor Rohan during the Fall '06 term at Waterloo.

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Midterm Test 1 with Solutions - UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO...

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