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UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO Physics 115: Physics for Engineers - Fall 2006 “All Science is either Physics or stamp collecting” E. Rutherford Divisions Instructor Office Phone E -Mail Rohan Jayasundera* PHY 243 2736 [email protected] Donna Strickland PHY 257 2724 [email protected] 4 Rouzbeh Allahverdi PHY 369 2932 3 Mike Fich PHY 255 2725 [email protected] .ca Firas Mansour PHY 369 2932 [email protected] 9 Mike Balogh PHY 254 7518 [email protected] (* Course Coordinator) UW ACE Web site for the course:- https://uwangel.uwaterloo.ca/uwangel/frameIndex.htm UserId: Your Engineering UserId Password: Your QUEST password Assignment Solutions, Old Mid Term tests , Old Final exams and other information will be available on the web site. Lectures: Three hours have been scheduled on your time table. Tutorials: A two-hour tutorial slot is scheduled on your timetable. This is essentially a problem- solving session. Be sure to bring your textbook to each problem-solving session. Tutorials begin the week of September 19 th (the second week). Attempt as many assigned questions before you come to the problem-solving session. It is only through your individual effort that you will become proficient at solving problems. There are no laboratories associated with this course. Text: David Halliday , Robert Resnick , and Jearl Walker Fundamentals of Physics Seventh Edition , Extended Version Practice Test: Wednesday Oct 11 th Term Test: Physics Midterm: Thursday, October 26 th , 2006 , 7:00-9:00 p.m. Type
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This note was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course PHYS 115 taught by Professor Rohan during the Fall '06 term at Waterloo.

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P115studentf06 - UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO Physics 115 Physics...

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