Exam Fall 02

Exam Fall 02 - December11, 2002 Name: (Print) m# UNIVERSITY...

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DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS Physics 115 - Mechanics Final Examination 9:00 a.m. - 12 Noon December 11, 2002 Time: 3 Hours Name: (Print) Division Signature m# - Professor: Circle One R. Jayasundera [Mec. St. 4] R. Jayasundera [Mec. St. 8] S. Damaskinos [Comp.] C. O'Donovan [Elec.] C. O'Donovan [Sftwr] A Ghezelbash [Chern.] J. Vanderlcooy [Comp.] G. Scholz [Civil] R. Brezina (En vr . ] Aids Permitted: Calculator, attached formula sheet t. ATTEMPT ALL QUESTIONS Important Instructions - Read Carefully Part A has 5 questions, worth 6 marks each; 2 questions per page; recommended average time per question: 8 minutes 2. Part B has 7 questions, worth 10 marks each; 1 question per page; reconnnended average time per question: 20 minutes Check that yom booklet has 14 pages (including 1 blank sheet at the back and this cover plus a fonnula sheet), Questions are to be answered on this paper, Use the space under each question first. If necessary continue on back of ~ous sheet and then on the blank sheet, and indicate by writing "continued at left" or "continued on page 12", Answers!!!!!!! include units where appropriate, 3. In Part A, the letter corresponding to each answer must be entered on your ~uter sheet in dark lead PENCn. only. Avoid erasures by checking answers before marking them. Mark your LD. Number and Division Number in the space provided. Also (11llS IS IMPORTANT) fill in the COITect ovals for your I.D. Number and Division. Do not mark "card number" colWDll. Check that you have not missed, or put double marks in any row in the answer field. 4. Print Dame. etc. . in the upper right part of your computer sheet and at the top of this page. s. There is no penalty for marking incorrect answers. However, credit may not be given fOT answers without proper proof. 6. KEEP COMPUTER SHEET FACE DOWN WHEN NOT IN USE ** - - --- - - - --- --- **NOTE: 7. 8. **NOTE: COMPUTER SHEETS Wll. .L BE COLLECTED AFl'ER 2 1/2 HOURS - --- -- - - hI Part B, answers must be entered in the boxes provided. These will be hand-marked, and part marks will be given h"berally, if your solutions clearly show correct thinking. 9. 10. Ask a proctor to clarify a question if you think that is necessary. GOOD LUCK ! Use g = 9.80 mls2 (NOTE: Assume all given data is accurate to three significant figures if needed) Moment of Inertia (about axes throum centre of mass). Cylinder or Disk (mass M, radius R, axis .l to radius) : Icy = (1/2) MR,2, Solid Sphere (mass M, Radius R) : 1cM = (2/5) MR2 Hoop (mass M, radius R, axis .l to radius): b = MR2 Rod (mass M, length L. axis .l to length) 1cM = O/U) ML 2. MARKS
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Exam Fall 02 - December11, 2002 Name: (Print) m# UNIVERSITY...

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