Syllabus2006 - ChE 102 Chemistry for Engineers Fall 2006...

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ChE 102 – Chemistry for Engineers – Fall 2006 University of Waterloo Instructors J Soares (coordinator), J Grove, R Legge, N McManus, G Ordorica-Garcia, D Seth, L Simon Website The course website is below – note the login details. Your instructor may also use UWACE to distribute additional material. You need to login (even if you are redirected from UWACE; sorry, we cannot fix this); use: username –\username (note the direction of the “\”) password – Nexus password ( Windows password, not the same as your Quest password). This website provides information on the course including conversion tables, electronic versions of your assignments and their solutions, practice exams, times and locations for extra help sessions, contact information for instructors and TA’s and other useful web resources. General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications , 9 th Edition, 2007; R.H. Petrucci, W.S. Harwood, F.G. Herring and J.D. Madura ; Prentice Hall, New Jersey The previous edition, which you may be able to obtain second-hand in the used bookstore, is just as good: General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications , 8 th Edition, 2002; R.H. Petrucci, W.S. Harwood and F.G. Herring; Prentice Hall, New Jersey Course Grading Midterm exam (multiple choice) 25 % Weekly quizzes 15 % Final exam (multiple choice) 60 % Note : During exams (midterm and final) students are only allowed to consult a two-sided 8 ½ x 11” sheet of paper, hand- or typewritten, with any information they consider relevant for the examination. Students are also allowed to use calculators (any type) during the exams. No other consulting material is allowed during exams. Tutorials Tutorials start the week of September 18 th , 2006 Two-hour tutorials will take place every week with the following format: 15 minutes o distribution of marked material and next assignment o discussion of any problems from any part of the course already covered o anticipated difficulties with the assignment due in the next week 35 minutes for a discussion of the current week’s assignment, and/or example problems 15 minutes for practice quiz 20 minutes for solution of the practice quiz 25 minutes for the weekly quiz, which will be a question chosen at random from the current assignment. Quizzes will be graded and returned the next week. Only the best 8 quizzes (from 10) will count.
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This note was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course CHEMISTRY CHE102 taught by Professor Grove during the Fall '06 term at Waterloo.

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Syllabus2006 - ChE 102 Chemistry for Engineers Fall 2006...

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