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patterns paper - The foundation of America is based upon...

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The foundation of America is based upon voting. Voting is in everything we do from watching football, to electing a president. There are many different types of voting methods, and many every day examples of where and how they are used. We explored seven different voting methods, including our own we made up. The different methods of voting must apply at least one of the four characteristics of a good voting method. These characteristics include the Universal Domain, Pereto Optimality, Nondictatorship, and the Independence from irrelevant alternatives characteristics. One method of voting is called the Proxy System The Proxy System is an example of a “Direct Democracy System” (Green-Armytage, 67). The Proxy System is a system of voting in which one has the option to vote, or delegate their vote to a proxy, who is able to vote for them. This would be seen if one was unable to form an opinion, or was uneducated about the candidates. Instead of wasting their vote they would be able to give their vote to a proxy that might share similar values or ideals. Within the Proxy system of voting there are additional ways of using the proxy system, other than the basic way. For example, there are “issue specific proxies.” These are when someone delegates their vote to a proxy on a specific issue they do not feel comfortable voting on. According to Green-Armytage, each voter has three options within the proxy system of voting. The voter could either vote themselves, delegate their vote to a specific proxy, or not vote at all, in which case their vote is delegated anyway to a proxy on their “standing list” so that no votes are wasted (67). Another voting method is known as At Large Plurality. At Large Plurality is a method used in multi-winner elections. In a senatorial election say there are 50 open seats and 100 candidates. In this system, each voter is allowed to vote for 50 candidates, however they can only vote one time for their candidate choice. This is often seen in minor elections such as
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Homecoming court. Often times on a Homecoming ballot, you are allowed to elect the court. From 50 students on the ballot you have to choose 10. You vote for ten different people to fulfill the ten spots on homecoming court. The third voting method we explored is Cumulative Voting. Cumulative Voting is also
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patterns paper - The foundation of America is based upon...

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