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Page 1 PSYC 2010 Introduction to Psychology Spring 2008 11:00 MW in 3195 Instructor : Dale L. Smith Email: [email protected] Offices : Thach 210 Office hours : 10:00-11:00 MW GTAs: Kelly Schleismann Kelly Mcenerney Houston Lester Andrea Doyle Office: Thach 206 Textbook: Barker, L. (2002) Psychology Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall Course Objective : This course is designed to increase your understanding of the science of Psychology. My goal is for you to leave this course with an understanding of the basics of the discipline, as well as the tools with which to apply this knowledge to your life. As in any introductory course, you will be required to memorize numerous principles and facts concerning the history and theories of the subject matter. However, mere memorization of these facts does not necessarily lead to a thorough understanding of the material. The purpose of all graded materials is to assess both your knowledge of the intricacies of psychology, as well as the relevance of the material to the study of behavior. Success in this course will require you to demonstrate a working knowledge of a number of areas in Psychology. Academic Honesty : Students who do not comply with AU’s academic honor code will be dealt with in the manner specified in the Tiger Cub. Disabilities : Please notify me immediately if you are a student with a disability recognized by AU. Any special arrangements that you need will certainly be provided. Course Point Totals The final grade you earn in this course will be determined by your performance in a variety of activities, including quizzes, examinations, and the opportunity for extra credit through research or extra quizzes (see below). Please review the point values and descriptions of the following activities: Examinations: There will be four examinations worth 100 points each, plus a comprehensive examination during the final examination period (Total = 500 points). Each exam will consist of
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Page 2 a combination of 40 multiple choice (each question is worth 2 points) and 2 short-answer essay questions (worth 10 points each). The final exam will contain 50 multiple choice questions and
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introsyllabusspring08 - Page 1 PSYC 2010 Introduction to...

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