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Poli 212-jan 28 - Poli 212 Jan 28 th 2008 11:38:00...

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Unformatted text preview: Poli 212- Jan. 28 th , 2008 28/01/2008 11:38:00 ←-rational legal vs patrimonial (look-up) ← ←-Reading: Howard ←-support for the long 19 th century argument ←-1789 french revolution to 1945 defeat of facism ←-draw attention to the prevailing importance of war (argument about states and the consequences of competition in the European state system) ←-wars are endemic in European state society: because there is no overarching sovereign to mediate disputes, war is the political resolution ←-Howard says democracy is not why Europe is peaceful; he says war disappears because it is too costly to bear ←-importance of changing military technologies that makes war too costly to bear ←-part of the story is about regimes (important): democrats were an embattled minority in Europe until 1945, so democracy was won and consolidated over the long- term, only effectively after 1945-conflict was around democracy both as a political value and as a method of government-Howard makes a distinction between the party of movement (classically democratic) and the party of order; describing political options which fragment European society as a whole—cleavage which is at the heart of European civilization post 1789 (virtual civil war)-party of movement organized around values associated with French revolution, has implications for all of Europe, values of secularization, popular sovereignty and democratization; provokes reaction which takes three different forms (different ways of organizing politics in the modern period) each of these alternatives is assoc with a...
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Poli 212-jan 28 - Poli 212 Jan 28 th 2008 11:38:00...

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