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Poli 212-Jan 21 - Poli Sci 212 11:31:00 ← Political...

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Unformatted text preview: Poli Sci 212 21/01/2008 11:31:00 ← Political Science 212 Office hours- M/W 9-10 (LEA 529) ← Jan. 21 st , 2008 Readings: Should have read intro, Pocock & Howard; now assigned next set of Kessel & Krieger ← Midterm: first Wednesday after reading break ← ← Patterns of Political Development ← Western: ←-incremental change ←-Mainstreaming of political options ←-Territorial stability ←-Institutional convergence ← Eastern: ←-Stasis and Discontinuity ←-Instability of borders ←-Continuing divergence ← ← Recap from last class: ← Importance of 1945 ←-5 ways in which it is turning point: ← 1.)Military defeat of fascism (cannot be defeated at ballot box) ← 2.)Rehabilitation of Germany (allowed to re-industrialize, integrated into European economy; fear was that re-industrialization would produce structure capable of military mobilization, but the trick was to re-industrialize to improve European economic stability but bind it to European—integrate coal and steel economies forerunner to EU ) ← 3.)Division of Europe (East and West) ← 4.)Democratic Consolidation of Germany, Italy & France (who had succumbed to fascism at some point in the past years; rewriting of constitution and economic reconstruction depended heavily on US influence) ← 5.)First explicit vision of a federal Europe (united states of Europe, beyond nation states, not to be accomplished all at once but a goal for the future) ← ← This class: ←...
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Poli 212-Jan 21 - Poli Sci 212 11:31:00 ← Political...

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