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Midterm paper

Midterm paper - Midterm paper Seo-young Lim Chris Minerd As...

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Midterm paper Seo-young Lim Chris Minerd 2/6/08
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As I, the college student, am in the process to be ready for the real world, I think that to be successful adult in the world is to have strong health so that I can pursue my dreams. I am aware that if I am not healthy, I am in risk of dying even before I achieve my dreams. It is also crucial to be informed of social justice issues so that I can act against injustice that exists in the world. I strongly believe that ignorance is the direct path to hurt other people physically and/or emotionally. When some people at my high school made jokes about me being related to Seung-hui Cho, I thought that it was rude of them because I felt that they categorized me as potential to be criminal just because he and I had same nationality. I also thought that if I made similar jokes regarding a white person committing a crime just because they were whites too, they would give me angry response. I also regretted for not standing up for myself and tell them that it was wrong to make joke about it. I also want to be a happy adult; I want to love what I
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