History 578 Lecture # 10

History 578 Lecture # 10 - History 578 Lecture # 10 I. The...

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History 578 Lecture # 10 I. The Decline of Protestantism Fundamentalism A. Protestantism had been a major force until the 1920’s, as it tried to provide the sense of a moral and cultural center after the chaos of WWI. B. Three major forces undermined not only its attendance, but its prominence as a shaper of American society. II. The Fundamentalist/Modernist Debate A. It was clear that there was an unbridgable divide amongst the Protestant ranks, and after the 1920’s it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the history of American Protestantism as a unified story. B. One historian has said that “the tearing apart of Protestantism in the twenties is one of the major incidents of American religious history. Its full consequences for culture and society keep revealing themselves differently with each passing decade.” C. Mainline Protestant denominations had purged a number of their fundamentalist congregants, but these mainline denominations struggled to maintain the vitality and church attendance they had achieved during the twenties. D. Modernism demonstrated that Fundamentalism was out of touch with intellectual and cultural currents in America. III. Changes in American Fundamentalism A. I made the assertion that American Fundamentalism went underground and was no longer the dominant socio-political force that it had been.
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History 578 Lecture # 10 - History 578 Lecture # 10 I. The...

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