History 578 Lecture # 2

History 578 Lecture # 2 - History 578 Lecture 2 I Calvinism...

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History 578 Lecture # 2 I. Calvinism A. The primary proponent of Calvinism was Jonathan Edwards 1. Edwards maintained that all humanity was spiritually present in Adam when he sinned, and is thereby inherited the sinful nature, and the guilt of Adam’s sin. 2. A sinful nature cannot desire to please God unless God performs a miracle of grace in the sinners heart, and changes his or her character. B. Tulip 1. Total Depravity – all have sinned and are worthy of God’s wrath 2. Unconditional Election – predestination – God chooses who will be saved 3. Limited Atonement – Only the elect will be saved 4. Irresistible Grace – The elect have no choice – cannot run 5. Perseverance of the Saints – Elect will make it to heaven II. Princeton Seminary A. Calvinism stayed in the mainstream of American theological thought through the theologians at the Presbyterian seminary in Princeton, which was founded in 1812, and remained the bastion of conservative Calvinism for the next century. B. The most influential of the Princeton theologians was Charles Hodge, who taught their for 56 years, and developed the most systematic theology. 1. He believed that the penalties of sin had been “imputed” passed down to each human generation, and though this was a tough doctrine to accept, and he admitted that it was not “without its difficulties,” but that didn’t matter, because “the ways of God are past finding out.” 2. As a result, it was not that humans “would not” do what was holy, they “could not.” 3. Our moral character was not under the power of our individual will – our ability to make decisions – but we are still held accountable and are blameworthy for our actions. 4.
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History 578 Lecture # 2 - History 578 Lecture 2 I Calvinism...

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