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Fire from Heaven - History 578 First Paper Due April 22nd...

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History 578 First Paper: Due April 22 nd Choose one of the following scenarios, and understand that the Upper Arlington Public Library has two copies of Harvey Cox’s Fire From Heaven . 1. You are the pastor of a local Pentecostal church in Upper Arlington, an upscale suburban community in central Ohio. In your zeal to better understand your denominational faith, you go to the local library and randomly pick Harvey Cox’s Fire From Heaven off the shelf. When you finish reading you are flabbergasted, intrigued, and just a little bit appalled at this unique phenomenon of American spirituality of which you are a part. But you are just as determined than ever that not only is the Pentecostal faith the best expression of Christianity, it has been a great spiritual and social presence in twentieth-century America. But not everyone agrees, especially the minister of the Unitarian Church across the street, who has publicly made some disparaging comments about Pentecostalism in the Columbus Dispatch .
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