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circuits1.T1.pp2 - (0 ll 13 Pac 0/5” Hrite the time...

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Unformatted text preview: (0. ll 13. Pac _, 0/5” Hrite the time constant, T, for an R-L and for an (. R—C circuit: (a QL—b Lil? L/Rc ~> like Lore Hrite the integral equation involving 2/” 1i {’1' '- 4(a) ifldfii-LHSVM lA+jBl = W1 A)“ __ cannot change instantly in a ca V 6/, (in terms of A and B) Paci tor. M An inductor looks like amflrj as”; 1 in steady state. L____, R Write the equation for ”L (energy in an inductor): WL’J, LL11 L; 3 A “good" practical voltage source is one for which the internal resistance is ([3 large Q’Small). Ml To turn off a current source, you replace it by U a short circuit). 1 The rinciple of sup rposition can be used on w flurrent voltage U p'ower (Eran open circuit Cir" hich of these? (any or all) W Ii' no independent'Sources are present in a circuit. how do you find the Thevenin Equivalent circuit for it? a. write the differential equation involving 15 “L: C'Cgufifidk C;—#” What is reactance? (whgyr/CMr-I’ a? this; i write the equation relating C i D ’ 6&1CU 315C: Lem ,1!" J,» 3) (AW a“ and a7} C)” ...
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