1.11 Astro 1

1.11 Astro 1 - will answer questions multiple choice...

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Astro 1, Section 1, Professor Brandt Monday January 11th 1999 Announcements: Lecture notes: Astro 1 "big" questions How do stars form? What makes the Sun and stars shine? Why do some stars explode as supernovae? Do black holes exist? Is there a giant black hole at the center of our galaxy? How did galaxies form? What is the "dark matter"? When did the Universe begin? Is there an edge? Are there other solar systems? do they have life? Astro 1 - Class 1 Five Sections 1. Intro to Astronomy. how to use light as spectrum to learn composition of things in space 2. Stars how they are born live and die black holes and neutron stars 3. Galaxies galaxy collisions giant black holes in galaxies 4. Cosmology fate of Universe etc. 5. Planets
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The general format will be 6-8 lectures then a review session then a test How to do well in Astro 1 1. Do reading before class 2. Come to class will do explanatory demos for tough problems
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Unformatted text preview: will answer questions multiple choice questions at end of class -- will be on test 3. After class redo the reading and bring any questions to class you are responsible for both class and book information but mostly class 4. Review before the quizzes and final Tests 4 Quizzes and 1 final The Final is 100 multiple choice questions You may not drop the final! Quizzes are 40-50 multiple choice questions (5 choices each) Dates are given in the syllabus The lowest quiz score is dropped No makeup tests except for documented medical emergencies documented official university business Grading Course is curved 50% get As or Bs 35% get Cs 15% get Ds and Fs There are also absolute standards -- if everyone does well everyone will get As To Contact Professor Brandt: 503 Davey Lab 863-9551 - he prefers phone calls to email Office hours MW 2:00-3:30 He will try to warn if he will be gone due to traveling...
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1.11 Astro 1 - will answer questions multiple choice...

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