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ling 12 essay - Suzy Lim Linguistics 12 Jan Frodesen...

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Suzy Lim Linguistics 12 Jan Frodesen 10/22/07 Has the college culture been evaporated for real? Perlstein tries to persuade readers that college campuses have lost the ability to lead the culture so much that they stopped becoming the main focus of the public, claiming that college marketing is for the parents and that “the kids do have their own war now, but not much of an antiwar movement, much less building takeovers.” I am a freshman at UC Santa Barbara who has been at college for few weeks. However, I do have my own opinions about what he is trying to persuade the readers. I believe that college culture is still alive; it’s alive in very different way from the 1960s. I strongly think that Perlstein needs to open his eyes and realize that this is the 21 st century, not the 20 th century, and that every colleges change over the years. Protests. National guards. Building takeovers. Those are the things that used to be in 1960s in college, but no longer exists in college in 21 st century. However, the increasing ethnic diversity and opinions about various topics such as illegal immigration has replaced the antiwar movement and building takeovers . In 1960s, most of the college students were whites. However, as the number of immigrants living in United States increased dramatically, the number of minority students attending college has increased. Many of these students’ parents have never attended college. The tolerance toward gay and lesbians has increased; therefore , more people who identify themselves as gay or lesbians/ bisexuals has also increased. Therefore, the voices of the college have become more diverse. It is just that most of the college students never care enough to try to get out of the comfort zone and go to the events
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2 that they never considered to go before in their lives. It is also because the college campus is segregated: Asian students mostly hang out with other Asian students and join
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ling 12 essay - Suzy Lim Linguistics 12 Jan Frodesen...

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