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Rousseau - Rousseau State of nature theory has always been...

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Rousseau State of nature theory: has always been wrong, all philosophers have tried to transfer to the state of nature, but hasn’t reached it. Constantly talks about Hobbes. Lets not conclude with Hobbes, man is always evil, imagines himself to be the sole proprietor of the universe. Rousseau accuses Hobbes of saying that civil war behavior is perfectly acceptable. Only human beings following Rousseau, want to find the intrinsic characteristics of human beings. We’ve been taught by society to want more, leads us to competition. How many of our desires are truly natural? The whole discourse offers a total contrast, in a stake for human history. Rewrites the book of Genesis, reason is a big problem for Rousseau. Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge. Passage page 13: last two lines: Rousseau looks inside himself; he sees two principles prior to reason: reason is not a natural human faculty; it came into being, not given to us by the creator.
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