Post Modernism and Frankenstein

Post Modernism and Frankenstein - Frankenstein: 2 problems...

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Humanities Lecture Post modernism: post modern age, at the time of Kant, period of enlightenment, post modernism= incorrect and, inelegant, inaccurate? Known as the forgetfulness of being, characterized by narratives, and illegitimation. Begins in the modern sense, modern science, and modern technology, expansion of trade and commerce, vision of humanism, challenge to the idea of faith. All in the name of reason. Humans viewed themselves as subjects, saw them as armed with calculating rationality, the weapon used to calculate, subdue this world of objects, and penetrate nature’s secrets. Rape and slave nature, reason became a passionless instrument, finding the best means to whatever needs. Instrumental/technological reason: reason to our ends. Reason set out to know the conquest of knowledge, calculating rationality, post modern = men and women have became skeptical about reason, progress of reason, progress of the reason afforded to us, a best a mixed blessing?
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Unformatted text preview: Frankenstein: 2 problems with instrumental rationality, skepticism about reason in the post modern age. Realism and destruction. Destruction: splitting and achieving reason, as a product of calculating rationality. Reason is an equalizer; there are no meaningful differences anymore. No meaningful differences among objects. Process of Leveling: Middle ages have a clear hierarchy of being. This hierarchy of being collapses in the world. What does it mean to say that there arent any meaningful differences, no meaningful differences, nothing matters, nothing engages our commitment, and nothing matters. Real danger in technology, not that it destroys us, but we will achieve what we want, nothing to commit oneself to, cant say there are no meaningful differences. Frankenstein: story that raises post modern question, question our modern faith in reason and its progress, show that the story of reason is equally the story of degeneration....
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