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Suzy Lim Linguistics 12 Jan Frodesen 10/22/07 Two different purposes: Informal blog vs. Magazine and newspaper articles Informal blogs such as and Facebook. Magazine/newspaper articles such as Daily Nexus paper and Time . These are the two of the media in which people write opinions, but those purposes work in different ways. I will show how those purposes work for informal blogs and magazine and newspaper articles regarding the topic ‘movie’ because it is one of the topics that lots of people discuss at both on blogs and in magazine and newspaper articles. The people who write informal kind of movie reviews in blogs are mostly teenagers. As more and more people go to the Internet for different purposes such as contacting their friends, watching movies, and completing research papers, informal blogs have become one of the places that people frequently go online. They go to informal blogs to leave a comment to their friends (“Hey! I haven’t seen u for long tym! We need to hang out >_< ") and their pics (“Take that pic OFF!!”), and to read the reviews about movies they just watched or the movies that they want to watch. Unlike newspaper/magazine articles, an Internet is the place where people (especially teenagers)use lots of informal language and emoticons, symbols that express emotions such as >_< [excited] and :D [smile]. It is also the place where people freely express themselves because emotions cannot be detected easily as much as talking to other people face to face. Even on blogs, some movie reviews are more formal to target everyone reading the blogs and some movie reviews on Internet are more in formal because they are primarily targeting the teenagers who want to read the movie reviews.
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2 One example of a movie review that people would write primarily targeting their friends would look like this in general: “My friend ABC told me to go watch the movie called ‘American Gangster’, so me and my other friend went to the theater and watched it. The movie ‘American Gangster’ was…….” and then go on to bluntly tell audiences if the movie ‘American Gangster’ was a movie they liked or disliked. After that, they would write more about why they liked or disliked it, adding
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ling_12_essay_2 - Suzy Lim Linguistics 12 Jan Frodesen...

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