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ling 12 essay 3 - Lacking civility on campus-why? Suzy Lim...

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Lacking civility on campus-why???? Suzy Lim Linguistics 12 Professor Frodesen 12/3/07 Civility refers to an appropriate manner in which people should behave in certain places such as movie theaters and classrooms. It is acting with considerate behavior to let other people watch a movie or listen to the lecture in peace. Such behavior makes people who act in a civil way look educated. Therefore, civility on college campuses should occur often; sadly, this is not the case for many college campuses. In the Chronicle of Higher Education, professors are complaining about the uncivil behaviors that are prevalent on the college campuses, especially in the large lecture halls. As a student who is attending a large state university, known as UC Santa Barbara, I agree with this claim, even though so far at the campus I have not encountered a lot of serious uncivil behaviors such as those behaviors written in Insubordination and Intimidation Signal the End of Decorum in Many Classrooms by Alison Schneider. However, I have an idea about the causes and effects of the uncivil behaviors on college campuses because I encountered some experiences of other people acting in uncivil way in the lecture halls and other places on campus such as my dorm. Unlike the Chronicle of Higher Education article I would also like to discuss the uncivil behaviors that are going on at places besides the lecture halls. Certainly, I have seen lots of uncivil actions that occurred in lecture halls. Alison Schneider says that “The fact that these large lectures are often required courses pours gasoline on the fire. Students who choose to take a course show up interested in the subject matter. But students who have to take a course often come with a chip on their shoulder.” This quote
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demonstrates the cause of the uncivil behaviors in the lecture halls. Most of the students who are
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ling 12 essay 3 - Lacking civility on campus-why? Suzy Lim...

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