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Lee Samuelson Psy.105 Dr.Lisa Jack Psychology Methods Used By Market Researchers Market research is used by businesses, interest groups and governments regarding policy issues and product development. When considering how to conduct research, businesses use psychologists to study the buying patterns and habits of their customers to understand and predict consumers' buying patterns and interests. Governments use market research to gauge the publics' opinion of current issues, then lawmakers act on the information collected. Given the importance of the research, it is essential for psychologists to understand how this process works. In studying market research and the effectiveness of print advertising on potential travelers, Walters, Sparks and Herington (2007) surveyed 180 undergraduate students who were told that they would be purchasing a holiday vacation package based on advertising. Sixty-five percent of the particpants were female and 88% of the subjects were between 17 and 25 years old. Nine mock advertisements were created which featured various types of imagery and visualization prompts. The destination remained neutral to all subjects. Throughout the study there were three different levels of picture and text variables: concrete, less concrete and none. The text used prompted the particpants to imagine a scene with the aid of a picture. Overall, 76% of the particpants were able to imagine themselves in the given scenario while the remaining 24% were unsure if they could picture themselves in the setting. Specific instructions that prompted the subject to imagine the given scenario with both a picture and text proved to be most useful. There showed to be no major difference between instruction to imagine level and the combination of both. This shows that concrete words are more or less redundant when used with instructions to imagine. Overall, the effectiveness of the print advertising study showed that travelers are most
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influenced by clear pictures and text that invites them to imagine a destination. This study has valuable information that a travel agency or airline should consider before promoting a vacation package or a destination deal. Walters et al. (2007) could have conducted the research in co-operation with a travel agency or major airline to make the study seem more realistic when considering the outcome. However, the research seems to be valid enough that there is not much room for improvement in this well done study. A study conducted by Korgaonkar and Karson (2007) discussed the influence of perceived
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Pysch,mktg - Lee Samuelson Psy.105 Dr.Lisa Jack Psychology...

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