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Product Purchase study - Lee Samuelson Mkt.350 Product...

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Lee Samuelson Mkt.350 Product Purchase Study of a Lincoln MKZ
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Consumers that don't live next to a church, school or retail store have many options for travel. Some choose walking, some a bus that circles that particular area but probably won't deposit you outside the entrance. Another option is the light rail train system between Minneapolis and Bloomington with future development plans but that involves waiting for the train and then possibly taking a bus to wherever your going. A majority of consumers prefer to drive where they need to go although construction and accidents may slow the time it takes to get there. For this product purchase study, I chose to review my uncle Dean's purchase of a newer Lincoln MKZ, this was the biggest recent purchase of those I know, other than DVD's, basic necessities and clothing. Dean's decision to purchase the MKZ was fairly straight forward and involved research into the features offered by the competing car companies than which line of cars to purchase. Dean inherited a truck and a battered station wagon through some events in his
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This essay was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course MKT 350 taught by Professor Watson during the Spring '08 term at Augsburg.

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Product Purchase study - Lee Samuelson Mkt.350 Product...

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