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Lee Samuelson Pol.160 Netherlands Global poverty has become an important issue in world politics due to the United Nations Millenium Development Program which seeks to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty, achieve universal primary education, promote gender equality and empower women, reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, combat HIV/AIDS malaria and other diseases, ensure environmental sustainability and develop a global partnership for development. One goal that has begun to receive more attention is the eradication of hunger and poverty, In “Halving Global Poverty” Besley and Burgess write that World Bank estimates as of 1998, 1.2 billion people earn less than U.S. $1-a-day. (P.3) According to the U.N's 2007 report on the Millenium Development Goals, total aid given to countries had risen to nearly 107 billion dollars, due in part to aid given for debt relief in Iraq and Nigeria. Overall however, aid given has dropped five percent since 1997 and five countries have met the U.N.'s goal of donating . 7% of it's GDP to foreign aid. Currently, much of aid is needed in sub-saharan Africa 62 percent and in southern Asia where 43 percent, of the population is living in slum-like urban conditions according to the U.N.'s data. One factor of poverty is employment,
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currently, unemployment among teens is widespread among Africa and Western and South-Eastern Asia. The Netherlands is located in western Europe, bordered by the North Sea,
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Netherlands paper - Lee Samuelson Pol.160 Netherlands...

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