Philmicro2 - meantime The second stage is the ethical stage...

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Philosophy of Religion Fr. Twaddell February 18, 2008 Against Proofs in Religion In this chapter by Soren Kierkegaard, it is discussed on how to prove God’s existence. Kierkegaard discusses that there is no real way to prove or disprove God’s existence. In essence, to Kierkegaard seeing is believing. In all generality it is difficult to prove that anything exists without physical evidence. Therefore without physical evidence you also cannot prove it does not exist. Therefore, it is proclaimed that the works of God are such that only the God can perform them. So where then it is asked are the works of God that we may deduce that there is physical evidence for God’s existence. As we know it there are 3 stages on life’s way. The first stage is the aesthetic stage which is limited however is usually accompanied by angst. This is a superficial, sensory stage and makes you feel good momentarily but want more and more in the
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Unformatted text preview: meantime. The second stage is the ethical stage which is accompanied by dread. This is where you strive to live according to those limits or rules this stage seems to feel very limiting to many individuals. With a “Leap of Faith” you can arrive at the Religious stage which provides an individual with spiritual freedom. Therefore we arrive at the conclusions that a person does not have proof of anything. With religious freedom God becomes the fulfillment of anything you need. Religious faith experiences perceiving, or interpretation of what you see. It can be the difference in recognizing and knowing what things are and their own subjectivity. How religion relates to the world and recognition of religion as whole. Now we see how there can be no hard proof to neither confirm nor deny the existence of God. Therefore, we must go forth with what has been taught by our elders and what we believe....
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Philmicro2 - meantime The second stage is the ethical stage...

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