Philmicro3 - order of the universe- final causes. Examples...

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Caty Farwick PHI337 Philosophy of Religion Microessay 5 ways to prove the Existence of God The term God for all us establishes God’s existence, it makes us know the that God is self evident. It is known in itself to us man and animals but not in itself or through itself to self. In order to understand where and how God comes from we must understand the formal and efficient cause. Take an example of chair. The formal cause for the need for something like a chair is presented by the fact that people sit in a specific position and need something particular to be able to work while sitting. The efficient cause is that someone decides there is a need to manufacture the piece. We view everything from the human perspective and think of everything as fitting into our plans. The 5 causes of humans trying to fit things in their own world are: material cause (change), efficient cause, necessity/contingency, formal cause- degrees of being, and finally,
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Unformatted text preview: order of the universe- final causes. Examples of certain assertions and justifications are as follows. When things in the world change this is a matter of sense observation. Anything that changes is changed by something else, for something to undergo a change it first must be capable of a change. Things generally do the same things and you then know what is expected: ice is slippery, you can’t walk on water, trees grow up, rocks fall down, etc. In the natural realm a maple tree fulfills an end that is natural to be a maple tree, not an apple tree. There are things that can either exist or not. There are things that are generated or decayed. These can’t always exist because what could, if X always exists it is not possible for it not to exist. Therefore, the is something necessary, either relatively or absolutely, therefore there must be an absolutely necessary being...
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Philmicro3 - order of the universe- final causes. Examples...

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