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Watkins 1 Bryan Watkins Biology 336 Professor Schulberg March 19, 2007 Annotated Bibliography- Whaling Hall, Kenji. Request for new whaling quotas for indigenous peoples defeated again as conference ends. Associated Press Newswires. Page 1; May 23, 2002 at 23:56. This article is informative and it examines the ramifications of the IWC conference’s decisions from a different perspective. It is valuable to my research in that it shows the effects the IWC regulations will have on the indigenous people of Alaska (Eskimos). The central point or argument of the article is that the world community needs to examine the whaling situation from a multi dimensional lens (in this case the Eskimos’ lens). Hogarth, Willam T. Whaling Provisions: Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling Quotas. Federal Register. Vol. 72, No. 047; March 6, 2007. The author examines the recent decision by the IWC to set quotas for aboriginal peoples to hunt bowhead whales. The article is purely informative as the author makes no central argument but rather informs the reader of the IWC’s decision. This will be key to my research because it is the first article and best article which directly states the international community’s stance on aboriginal people having the ability to hunt whales. Elsevier, Reed. Call off the Hunt. New Scientist. Comment Section, Pg. 33; July 6, 1996. Elsevier examines the United States and Russia’s formal request to impose new whaling quotas on aboriginal peoples. As the title implies both the US and Russia dropped their request but it examines the ramifications of possible future quota requests. It is a good starting point for my research in terms of the United States’ official stance towards whaling and giving that ability to aboriginal peoples. Author Unknown. Makah whaling again. Indian Life; Vol. 18 Issue 4: pages 1-9; January/February 1998. This is a report on the Makah Indians in Alaska. It explains how for a number of years they were prohibited from whaling. The author also explains that how as of late the tribe as been given permission by the US government with the approval of the international community to allow the Makah’s to begin whaling. This is detrimental to my research because it is a significant step for aboriginal peoples in their struggle to be allowed to persue cultural norms.
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Watkins 2 Moment, David. The Business of Whaling in America in the 1850's. The Business History Review. Vol. 31, No 3: pages 261-291; Autumn 1957. The approach the author takes when examining the historical roots of whaling in America
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Annotated Bibliography - Watkins 1 Bryan Watkins Biology...

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