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Christopher Jewell CRJ-205 3-24-08 Case brief 15 I. Whren v. U.S. 517 U.S. 806 (1996) II. History: Whren and Brown wre convicted in the USDC for the DOC of drug offenses, and they appealed. The CofA affirmed. The USSC granted certiorari and affirmed III. Facts of the case a. Acts by government officials: On the evening of June 10 th 1993, vice- squad officers of the District of Columbia MPD were patrolling in a high drug area in an unmarked car. They saw a Nissan stopped at an intersection with temp. plates and youthful occupants. Then they saw the driver stopped at the intersection an unusually long time. They also saw him look in the lap of the passenger. The officers made a U-turn and the Nissan turned right without signaling and sped off in an unreasonable amount of speed. The officers pulled up to the side of the vehicle
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Unformatted text preview: and ID’ed themselves as officers. When the driver Brown got out of the vehicle, they saw the passenger Whren with two plastic bags of cocaine in his hands. b. Objective Basis: The officer was going to hive him a warning for his traffic violation. IV. Legal Question: Were the officers justified in their stop of the Nissan and their arrest of the two subjects a. Two vise squad officers b. Pulled the subjects over for a traffic violation and ended up arresting them on federal drug charges c. 4 th amendment against illegal search and seizure without reasonable suspicion V. Opinion: The officers need reasonable suspicion based on the fact of the traffic violation. Then during the stop the two plastic bags of drugs were found making them admissible in court. VI. Judgment: Affirmed...
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